What is the 2020 rental season?
June 15 through to the end of September.

What should I wear?
Comfortable active wear, swimsuits, or wetsuits are all appropriate. Dress according to the weather. Be prepared to get a little wet.

Am I able to rent if I haven’t paddled before?
Yes. However, we strongly recommend that you have some paddling experience. We always encourage the buddy system when renting for your safety. There are “how to” videos here for beginners to watch.

What to bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit recommended
  • Towel
  • Cheap sunglasses
  • Plastic bag or phone case if you’re bringing your phone
  • Watershoes/flip flops recommended
  • Water recommended

How much does it cost?
See our list of pricing here.

What payment methods are accepted
We accept cash, credit, and debit on site. For online bookings we accept either credit or cash at the time of the rental.

What is included in my rental?
The board/kayak, paddle(s), lifejacket, and leash(SUP only), and a dry bag upon request. Please bring your own lifejacket ONLY if you already have one. We will always provide you with one if you need one.

Is there a lifeguard on site?
No. Long Lake Provincial Park is a non-lifeguarded lake. You are paddling at your own risk. Please see our rental agreement and release agreement here to review what you are responsible for as a renter from Long Lake Adventure Company.

What happens if I booked a rental ahead online and there is inclement weather?
You will be recredited and can reschedule

What do I do if I reserved a board/kayak ahead online?
Sign the E-Waiver and before coming. Please arrive 10 minutes before your rental time and we will get you set up!